Well, it's the beginning of another month and I've got lots on my list, as usual.  Here's what I'll be focusing on this month:

Memoirs of a Harem Boy:  Only two parts left to write!  So close! 

Sparks:  Written, finish editing final 3 parts

Sliver: New fic being written for the Ultimate Movie Challenge at ultimate_xander


Over at Ultimate Xander, we're on our last day of accepting sign ups for the Ultimate Movie Challenge.  You take your favorite movie and use and abuse the plot...as long as you include Xander as a main character.  If you haven't seen what people have signed up for, go on over to Ultimate_xander and check it out.  I'm so excited!!  Several of my all-time favorite movies are being written!  *bounces*  We're also looking for artists to create Movie Posters to go with the stories.  Let me know if you're interested!

At Rogue's, we're doing a May-December romance theme (really, it was my desperate attempt to get some Giles action....behold the power of the moderator in action--you can make the challenges suit your whims!  Mwa ha ha).  If you're interested, go check out the announcements at rogue_slasher!

New Communities:

If you haven't seen them yet, go check out the wicked_awards, a multifandom awards site that is now taking nominations!  And while you're at it, take a look at writing_buffy, a community for writers of BtVS fanfiction. 

Okay, well, I'm going purse shopping with my mom now, so I must run.  Hee!
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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 03:08 pm)

So I figured since I hadn't done one of these handy dandy update thingys in a while, it might be fun to make myself a handy dandy list so ya'll know what I'm working on.  (Blame [livejournal.com profile] snogged .  She inspires me to make lists.  *g*)

This month, I continue my quest to finish Memoirs of a Harem Boy and Honor Bound.  I actually have the next chapter of Honor Bound ready to be posted, but I haven't posted it yet.  Why, you ask?  I have no idea!  I'll get around to it.  Heh.

Then comes the new stuff.  Remember that whole rule I had about not posting until something was finished?  Yeah, I'm sticking to it, but it's SO HARD!  I have so many fics in progress but none of them are finished yet.  Which is the exact reason for the rule in the first place, but man, I'd love for you guys to see some of this stuff!  Hee!

The new stuff includes:
Sparks (Spike/Xander, HAU)-  It's currently at 7 chapters and still going.  I love this fic, and so does Purps who I've given a sneak peak to.  I'm hoping to have it finished up, but the boys just aren't cooperating!  They keep wanting angst, and drama, and smut!  What's a girl to do but give in to their demands?

Xander's Inferno (Xander/Willow-friendship, Dante's Cove Crossover)  This is me indulging in my favorite guilty pleasure, Dante's Cove.  It's delightlfully delicious!  I'm rewriting season one of Dante's Cove and incorporating a variety of characters from BtVS.  It's at 60 pages already, and I'm not even close to being finished. 

Night Prowler (Xander/Dean, Spike/Sam, Supernatural Crossover)  Yep, another crossover.  This one is for my Vamps, who got me turned onto the boys.  This one will be short, and hopefully I'll be able to get it finished sometime soon.  But you never know with my muse, she's a quirky one!

March Challenges:
My lovely sweetheart [livejournal.com profile] snogged  (yep, her again) wanted me to write some Angelus for her.  Now, I'm not telling much about this one, but its going to be smutastic, if I do say so myself.  *preens*

Ultimate Xander "Twinkies for Xander" Challenge-So, we're doing a fic exchange over on Ultimate Xander sort of like the Angel's Bunnies challenge over at Strip off Angel.  I don't have my challenge(s) yet, but I'll be getting them on Friday and I'm so excited!  If you're interested, you can go here to volunteer to write/manip, or here to drop off a bunny of your own!  (You don't have to volunteer to write to leave a bunny!)

Sleeping With the Enemy for spnchallenges:  Another Vamps inspired one.  (I can blame in on her cause I know she wont see this.  Heh.  Really, she should be blaming this one on me, but shhhh....)  So there's a new SPN community and they are challenges folks to rewrite their favorite movies with characters from SPN (RPS is allowed too.)  I got Sleeping With the Enemy. I LOVE that movie!  So I'll be writing a little more Sam/Dean action.  Hee!  It's not due until May, so I have time to work on it!

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but there's a list to get me started at least!

So what are you working on?  Any fab fics out there I should be reading?  *g*

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( Dec. 1st, 2008 01:09 pm)

Can you believe that it's the end of the year already?  Where did the time go?  It's certainly been a busy year, that's for sure!

This month, I'll be posting the grand finale to Rebellious Desire!  Woo hoo!  The final chapter and epilogue are written and I'm putting the finishing touches on them now before I send them off to be betaed!  I'm so excited! 

Then I'll be working on a few challenges!  First up is my [livejournal.com profile] whichwillow  assignment on December 6th and then a fun and frollicy Spike fic on December 11th for [livejournal.com profile] noel_of_spike where the boys are putting on a very special play! 

Then Chad the Muse has agreed to work on Memoirs of a Harem Boy.  He's all fired up to get that one finished...something about Spike getting claimed or something.  Someone has dropped a well placed pout in his ear that Spike hasn't had his share of the fun yet.  Chad is determined t make that Christmas wish come true!

My communities are challenged up for the holidays as well.

Over at [livejournal.com profile] ultimate_xander , we're having holiday prompts including Mistletoe and Under the Stars as well as a Holiday themed art challenge called "All I want for Christmas is Xan!"  Oh yeah! 

At [livejournal.com profile] rogue_slasher , we're having a Rogue Santa challenge.  *rawr* 

And there have been some great holiday challenges posted at nekid_spike and the_elevator!  Chad is busy gathering ideas for them all. 

I'm also taking a few Christmas requests myself.  Got something you really want to see this month?  Make a Christmas Fic Wish to me by commenting to this post and I'll do my darndest to make it come true.  Anything you want in the BtVS or Dante's Cove fandoms!  How's that for Christmas spirit!

Now I'm off to watch Dr. Who.  My own little Santa made sure I had my very own set of DVD's to watch.  I'll be a Who Virgin no more!
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( Nov. 3rd, 2008 11:12 am)

So here's what's going on in Nene land this month!

I'm still plugging away on Rebellious Desire.  I'm working on the final chapter now.  I just have to get it finished...which, I know, I've been promising, but I've been busy!! 

I have another chapter of Memoirs of a Harem Boy and Honor Bound to post sometime this month.  That'll probably be all of the updates I manage this time unless the muse gets hit by a crazy must write bug, which does happen!

Other than that, I'm focusing on my original novel for my novel writing class.  I'm three weeks in and am editing the first few chapters now.  Tomorrow night I have to read aloud a dialogue scene from what I've written so far.  *meep* 

In community news, the grand opening of [livejournal.com profile] ultimate_xander  was a rousing success!  I've been doing much squeeing and bouncing over the past few days.  There's several challenges going on over there this month, including prompts and an Iconic Xander icon challenge.  Fun stuff!  Go join if you haven't already!

Over at [livejournal.com profile] rogue_slasher , we're having a Rockstar Rogues party!  Turn your favorite guy into a rocker for the month!  I personally want to see Andrew as some kind of rockstar...you *know* he's diva enough to pull it off!

We're still working on the changes for [livejournal.com profile] forbiddenawards  going multi-fandom.  The new list of categories (including the categories for the new fandoms) is up on the profile page and if you haven't checked out the absolutely hysterical banner vamps made, then you totally should! 

Hmm, I think that's all the new stuff!  I'm off to write more of my scene for tomorrow night's class!  Hope you have a November to be thankful for!


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( Oct. 1st, 2008 01:55 pm)


Just a quick update to let you guys know what's going on in Nene land this month.

First up, check out the Halloween Challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] rogue_slasher !  I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with for this one.  I plan on providing gentle nudges to some of you!  I needs some Rogue goodness dang it! 

Next, it was my turn to post the monthly recommendations over at [livejournal.com profile] forbiddenawards !  I'm really excited about the new format we're working on and have been having a blast scouring new fandoms!  Cause can I just say that there is some really dirty!bad!wrong stuff out there in other fandoms?  Who knew?!?  I thought we were the only naughty bunch!  *eg*  Thanks to everyone on my flist who helped me find excellent things to post!

We had a Purple Party for my girl [livejournal.com profile] purpledodah  over at [livejournal.com profile] purps_a_palooza .  If you know and love Purps, go on over and give her some Purple love.  Since it was a surprise, I couldn't do a public post about it.  Now she knows though!  So go check out the goodies she got from her nearest and dearest.  :D  Erm, except me.  Cause I haven't finished her pressie yet.  *blushes*

As for me, this month I'll finish posting Rebellious Desire and probably Honor Bound as well.  Both of those stories only have 3-4 more chapters to go.  Then it'll be Memoirs of a Harem Boy's turn for my focus. 

I'm also working on a new Xander-centric fic that is coming along nicely.  I have the first 2 chapters written already and am working on the third.  I had a special request for a dirty!bad!wrong Xander/Penn story that I'm working on as well.  It should be about 5 parts long.  Parts 1 and 2 are complete. 

What else...oh, I'm starting a writing class on Oct 7.  It goes for 5 weeks.  It talks about novel writing.  I thought it sounded interesting and the person who is hosting the class has published 21 novels (even though I've never heard of him...oh well).  So that should keep me busy.

Grandma's still here visiting as well, so we're getting in lots of scrabble time.  I doubt I'll have time for challenges this month since I want to spend as much time with her as possible.

Today marks a very special day in Nene land. One year ago today, I sat down to write my very first words of fanfiction. That story became New Order, and I haven't stopped writing since. I'm really proud of all that I've accomplished this past year, and thought I'd share a few of those things with you, if you're interested. :D

In the past year, I've posted over 300,000 words of fanfiction. I've actually written nearly 400,000, but don't have nearly everything I've written posted. Unbelievable.

According to my handy dandy counter, I've had over 18,000 visitors to my journal...in the past two months alone!

The LJ comments status wizard tells me that I've received over 4600 comments.  Mind boggling.  I've treasured each and every one!  From the Guhs and Thuds to the squishes and hugs, every word of encouragement has made the past year possible. 

I'm also amazed that I've actually been given awards for doing this!  Each nomination makes my heart skip a beat and seeing those little banners with my name on them...well, words just can't describe the feeling. 

But the most wonderful thing of all, is that I've made some wonderful friends.  You guys are the true treasure, and make this day definitely worth celebrating.

So thanks for a great year, and here's to another!

And, since so many of you have been asking lately, I thought I'd do one of my Fic update posts to let you know what I'll be working on this month:

Long fics:
Rebellious Desires
Memoirs of a Harem Boy

Rogue Heroes

Dunno yet.  :D

Unposted fics:
Xander's Inferno

My primary goal this month is to get Rebellious Desire completed.  After that, I'm going to start tackling the WIP's that I haven't been working on while I've worked on this other stuff.  Memoirs will be first up, followed by Honor Bound.  After that, we'll see.  I'm going to limit myself to working on two fics at once in the hopes that I can continue to move them forward to completion.  Then, I'll move onto another while behind the scenes I'll continue to work on the my unposted projects.  I don't plan on posting any other uncompleted works.  After discussion with both of my betas, I think it would be easier for me to write a story to completion and then start posting while I move onto the next project.  That's the big evil plan, anyway.  Hopefully, I'll be able to stick to it.  *g*  I will, however, continue to participate in challenges and do one shots because they make me happy!  

Well, that's enough from me!  Thanks again for giving me an incredible year. 

*biggest hugs*

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( May. 4th, 2008 10:54 am)

 I can't believe it's May already!  My plans for April got tossed right out the window.  Hate it when that happens!!  But what's a girl to do?  The muse obviously needed a vacation.  

So here's what I'm working on for May:

Long Fics:

Memoirs of a Harem Boy:  I've finished plotting and am planning to finish posting this fic this month!  Lot's more naughty goodness coming up for the Harem.

Sparks:  As soon as Harem is finished, this one is coming back up to the forefront.  I found that I couldn't do the smutty goodness of Harem and write a sensitive Human AU Spander at the same time.  Go figure.

Co-Written Fics:

I'm doing a crack!fic Xander/Lindsey with ash_c as sort of a follow up to Naked Clue.  We've started working on it and let me tell you, ash and I crack each other up.  Fun stuff.

Purps and I have finished Your Boy.  We just haven't gotten around to  posting it yet.  Purps?  Let's get on that!  We keep talking about it but we never post it!  We also have another, darker, fic in the works called Hand in Darkness. 

One Shots/Challenges:
I'm going to do something with the Time Challenge and Full Moon Fever at rogue_slasher.  
I'm doing a Bunny for Angel's Bunnies on strip_off_angel.

I'm working on a Lindsey/Oz for snogged.
I'm working on a Xander/Oz for purps.

Coming Soon-ish:
Xander's Guardian-A challenge from caliadragon that intrigued me.  I'm plotting and researching this one.  It'll be xangel cause I've had a hankering to write that pairing for a while.  

Haunted Ireland-A bunny from Ladyvirgo that I keep fiddling around

BtVS/Dante's Cove crossover-I can't get Dante's Cove out of my head!  it's so deliciously bad! So I'm thinking of sending some of the BtVS gang down to the Cove to see what happens.  It'll be very dirty!bad!wrong I can assure you.  I also know that it'll have Lindsey in it.  (ash insisted!)

Mendenbar sent me the outline of a fic and I've promised I'd give it a whirl.  Lots of couples and lots of detail so this one will be a while in the making.  Het and slash pairings galore. 

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( Apr. 1st, 2008 09:31 am)
Sheesh.  Is it really April already?  Time flies when you're writing smut, I mean fic.  And that crap about March going in like a Lion and out like a Lamb?  Yeah.  Total Crap.  It's gloomy, grey, rainy, windy....just YUCK.  But on the upside, it's just a few days until my nephew's 8th birthday and I'm soooo excited.  Except for the fact that I haven't been able to track down the toy he really really really really wants. But I will find it.  It is my mission.  Ben 10, look out.  Here I come.

Oh, and also, that whole me taking March off from writing so I could rejuvenate the muse thing?  Didn't work out so well.  The bunnies were multiplying and I've just been scrambling to keep up.  So, I guess that means the muse is rejuvenated!  Yay!  I think...

Before I get to the list, a wee bit of pimping!  LadyV, the delightful provider of so many of my bunnies, has started a community for...yep Bunnies!  It's called [profile] bunny_grabberand is open to all fandoms and all pairings!  So go check it out, and give or take a bunny!  

And then...Voting opens (today?) at the Angel Without Wings Awards where I am squeefully proud to announce that I have several nominations!  So go check them out.  There is AMAZING Angel fic and art there and a ton of my friends are nominated including: [profile] xanzpet, Gabrielle ([personal profile] velvetwhip), [profile] purpledodah, [personal profile] ash_carpenter, [personal profile] snogged[profile] davinci_1985[profile] tamibrandt and more including [profile] strip_off_angelfor best Angel site!!  Congrats to all my friends on the nominations.  Go enjoy some awesome Angelness and vote for your favorites!!

Here's what I'm working on for April:

Longer Fics:

Memoirs of a Harem Boy:  (Angelus/Harem, NC17)  Parts 1-9 are complete.  Working on 10 now.  Should be about 15 chapters total.

Sparks:   (AU Spike/Xander, NC17)  First 4 parts written and sent to the wonderful CC for beta.  So quit nagging.  LOL.  

Missing Series (Angel/Spike/Xander, NC17)  Written as a series of drabbles/ficlets that I'll be posting on April 11 and 18 at [profile] spring_with_xan.  There will be about 20 parts posted in 2 chunks, one on each of my posting days.  

Untitled Lindsey/Oz for the wonderfully delicious and magically nutritious [personal profile] snogged.  

Untitled Spike/Dean for my dear purrfect Kitty Kat (that's [profile] katsa_db_lover   to everyone but me)

Bunnies that are still cooking (but not in that really gross and scary Fatal Attraction kind of way...):

Pet!Xander:  Another Spander...I must be on a Spander kick lately...but anyway, a dark!fic where Spike gets possessed and takes things out on his sub in really not nice ways.  But don't worry.  *Someone* will rescue him.  

Xangel AU Ghost:  LadyV gave me a delicious idea where Angel goes back to Ireland and his ancestral home.  Who does he find there but ghost!Xander!!  I'm still working on plotting this one.  

In progress fics that I haven't forgotten about:

Corvinus Aurelius
The Evolution of Xander Harris
Spike's Passions
Breaking Through
Honor Bound
Resurrection of the Light

*I'm still working on these, I promise.  I'm just not pumping out the updates as quickly as I was.  They are not abandoned though!*

And I'm *sure* there will be some challenges tossed in there somewhere!  Hee!  Okay, I've babbled long enough.  Have a Happy April everybody!!

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( Mar. 1st, 2008 07:51 pm)

*waves to flist*

Just a quick note to let you guys know what I'll be working on this month!  

1)  Spike's Passions-working on season 2!!

2)  New Order-writing is complete, just finishing editing the last few chapters!  They'll be up next week!!

3)  Memoirs of a Harem Boy-A new challenge fic that I've started working on.  This one is wild and dark and funny...a little bit of everything.  I hope to post at least the first part soon!

4)  The Evolution of Xander Harris-My ever evolving WIP!  I'm really enjoying writing it and hope to have enough done to start posting this month.

Thats about it!  All other WIP's are on hold at the moment and I'm not doing challenges this month cause I just don't think I'll have time.  Dang real life and it's interruptions.

There's some great challenges over at strip_off_angel and rogue_slasher so go check them out! 

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( Feb. 1st, 2008 02:32 pm)

 Hi Everybody!  *waves to flist*  I've made a bunch of new friends this month!  Exciting stuff!  Hope everyone enjoys the craziness that is me!

January was a wild and wacky month but I still managed to get almost everything marked off my To Do List!  Awesome right?  At one point I had 17 WIP's!!  February is shaping up to be just as wild!!  

A few new things I've added recently that you may want to check out:

My 2007 Master Fic List shows everything I'd written as of the end of December.  (Which is everything I've ever written cause I only started writing in Sept of 07).  

And if you missed it, I have a new Recommendations List that I asked you all to help me compile.  I've already started reading my way through the recommended fics and will add in my thoughts on the fics when I'm finished.  Then I'll start on the authors!!  Woo hoo!  Love having new fic and authors to explore!

And there's always room for a few challenges for my flist!  Comment here on what you'd like me to write and I'll do my best to work on it!!  

WHEW...that's all from me!  

*Waves bye bye*


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( Jan. 3rd, 2008 03:51 pm)

Well, it's that time again.  I get to sort out what exactly I'll be focusing on for the month.  Very exciting stuff.  :D

So here it is the January to do list:

1) New Order:  Never finished it last month due to having a severe case of the cruds for most of the month.  ( I know, excuses, excuses.  But I'll have to finish it this month cause otherwise there wont be any new stuff to post.  But its soooo close to being done!) 

2) Spike's Passions:  Season 1 is complete.  Hoping to finish Season 2 in January.  And then you guys will have to let me know if we continue cause after 60 episodes you may have had enough. 

3) Resurrection of the Light:  Continuing the saga.   

4) Breaking Through (Anita Blake Crossover):  Will probably have approx 10-12 chapters total on this one.  First 3 are done.  

5) Demons, Werewolves and Humans, Oh My:  Doyle/Oz/Xander one shot that I'm writing for kicks and giggles.

6) Untitled:  Xander/Riley  blondiebitz made me an awesome manip last month at nekid_spike and in return I promised her a ficlet.  It'll be dirty bad wrong on many levels.  Squee.  

7) Untitled:  Xander/Riley/Graham I promised a certain Yoda that I'd write something special.  I haven't forgotten.  

8) Rogues Challenges:  We've got some really good ones this month and I just know I'll have to write a couple.  I have a couple in mind already.   Penn...oh yeah!  And Giles/Dracula.  I gotta do that one!

9) Your Boy:  Angel/Spike with my purple friend.  We haven't forgotten this one.  Nene just hasn't been up to writing much lately. 

10) Bunny by tjgoldstein:  A really cool bunny was posted by this user over at bloodclaim for an evil Xander.  Not vamp!Xander, just bad, manipulative Xander.  The idea intrigued me so I'm going to see what I can do with it.  May not get done this month but it's on the agenda.


Well, that's about it.  As always, if you have something you'd like for me to write, feel free to comment with a bunny.  I can't alway promise to get it done but I'm usually willing to try. 



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( Oct. 31st, 2007 05:54 am)
 Well, here it is.  The "To-Do" List for November.  The biggest thing on my list:  the new community [profile] rogue_slasher that  [profile] purpledodahand I are starting for "The Other Guys" in the BTVS and ATS universe.  You know, the guys who aren't Angel, Spike and Xander.  Guys like Wesley, Oz, Gunn, Lindsey, Giles, etc.  More to come on this in tomorrow, but if you're intrigued, go check it out and feel free to join!!

Now if you'd like to see what fics I'll be working on this month, just click and see.  Let me know if there's something not on here that you were hoping to see and I'll try to work it in.  Notice that Spike's Gift is not on this list cause it is Completed!!  (hip hip...HOORAY!)

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( Oct. 12th, 2007 04:40 pm)
I've been trying to be a little more organized with my fics these days and thought you guys might like to know where I'm at with writing and the new stories I have under development.  Things are quite a bit smoother since the addition of my two wonderful betas.  Thanks ladies, you guys have made it easier for me to focus on the writing and not the editing.

New Order-Still writing ch. 42.  I've been distracted from this one.  But I finally plotted out a bit more today and should be heading towards the end at around ch. 50.  I'm still trying to post 5 chapters per week on this one. 

Spike's Gift-Almost finished writing, expect 4-5 more chapters for this one before it's done.  Posting a minimum of two, trying for three segments per week.  But I'm editing this one myself so it's taking a bit.

Enough Series-Just finished a 4 chapter continuation to my story "Enough for Angel" featuring Angel/Xander.  Not sure when I'll start posting this.  Probably after Spike's Gift is finished and before the next long fic starts. 

Resurrection of the Light-New longer fic in development.  Should begin actual writing after Spike's Gift is complete.  Will probably do first post sometime in early November.  I like to write well in advance for my fics before I post to make sure the flow is strong.  I'm really excited about this one!

Oz Challenge-I have one more challenge to answer for my "Write me some Oz" challenge.  It's another Spike/Oz!  Still waiting on some entries from you guys!

Several of you have asked about continuing some of my other ficlets.  This is what I have planned for now, but if you really want something else, just let me know.  I try to work in any requests I get, in addition to doing little pieces for the challenges at a few communities.

Thank you guys for being so supportive of me!  It means so much!!



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