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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 03:08 pm)

So I figured since I hadn't done one of these handy dandy update thingys in a while, it might be fun to make myself a handy dandy list so ya'll know what I'm working on.  (Blame [livejournal.com profile] snogged .  She inspires me to make lists.  *g*)

This month, I continue my quest to finish Memoirs of a Harem Boy and Honor Bound.  I actually have the next chapter of Honor Bound ready to be posted, but I haven't posted it yet.  Why, you ask?  I have no idea!  I'll get around to it.  Heh.

Then comes the new stuff.  Remember that whole rule I had about not posting until something was finished?  Yeah, I'm sticking to it, but it's SO HARD!  I have so many fics in progress but none of them are finished yet.  Which is the exact reason for the rule in the first place, but man, I'd love for you guys to see some of this stuff!  Hee!

The new stuff includes:
Sparks (Spike/Xander, HAU)-  It's currently at 7 chapters and still going.  I love this fic, and so does Purps who I've given a sneak peak to.  I'm hoping to have it finished up, but the boys just aren't cooperating!  They keep wanting angst, and drama, and smut!  What's a girl to do but give in to their demands?

Xander's Inferno (Xander/Willow-friendship, Dante's Cove Crossover)  This is me indulging in my favorite guilty pleasure, Dante's Cove.  It's delightlfully delicious!  I'm rewriting season one of Dante's Cove and incorporating a variety of characters from BtVS.  It's at 60 pages already, and I'm not even close to being finished. 

Night Prowler (Xander/Dean, Spike/Sam, Supernatural Crossover)  Yep, another crossover.  This one is for my Vamps, who got me turned onto the boys.  This one will be short, and hopefully I'll be able to get it finished sometime soon.  But you never know with my muse, she's a quirky one!

March Challenges:
My lovely sweetheart [livejournal.com profile] snogged  (yep, her again) wanted me to write some Angelus for her.  Now, I'm not telling much about this one, but its going to be smutastic, if I do say so myself.  *preens*

Ultimate Xander "Twinkies for Xander" Challenge-So, we're doing a fic exchange over on Ultimate Xander sort of like the Angel's Bunnies challenge over at Strip off Angel.  I don't have my challenge(s) yet, but I'll be getting them on Friday and I'm so excited!  If you're interested, you can go here to volunteer to write/manip, or here to drop off a bunny of your own!  (You don't have to volunteer to write to leave a bunny!)

Sleeping With the Enemy for spnchallenges:  Another Vamps inspired one.  (I can blame in on her cause I know she wont see this.  Heh.  Really, she should be blaming this one on me, but shhhh....)  So there's a new SPN community and they are challenges folks to rewrite their favorite movies with characters from SPN (RPS is allowed too.)  I got Sleeping With the Enemy. I LOVE that movie!  So I'll be writing a little more Sam/Dean action.  Hee!  It's not due until May, so I have time to work on it!

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but there's a list to get me started at least!

So what are you working on?  Any fab fics out there I should be reading?  *g*



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