It's down to the final four at the Fandom Steel Cage Match.  if you haven't voted, this is the round to do so....Cause it's Spike and Dean.  *flails*  How am I supposed to choose?  I mean, really!  I love me some Spike.  Ya'll know that.  But Dean...*wibble*. 

So go vote.  Cause it's fun.  And the comments are hysterical and there's lots of pretties in there. :D
Isn't there a movie (probably at least 10 years old) where someone has this apartment building wired with cameras and stuff and is stalking the tenants?  I seem to remember a new person moving into an apartment/condo thingy and the former resident had "jumped" from the window, but had really been murdered.

Or am I confusing more than one movie?

Help!  It's making me crazy!!!!

ETA:  FOUND!  It's Sliver with Sharon Stone and William Baldwin.  Thanks [ profile] velvetwhip  and [ profile] zoesmith  for your super-quick, Nene brain saving responses!  *g*


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