I'm wanting to read some Angel/Spike/Xander stories.  They're surprisingly hard to find.  So anyone out there have any favorites they could recommend?

How about some Xander/Drusilla?  I know, I know, tease all you want but I'm curious as to how those two would be written.

So throw me some recs!  Pretty please with sugar on top!  *g*
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( Jan. 28th, 2008 08:53 am)

So, I posted a request for top fandom writers and must read fanfic.  I got a great response *hugs flist* and decided to compile it into one gi-normous post just for kicks and giggles.  (Really, so that I can always find the links when I'm looking for them!  Don't ya just hate that?)

Anyway, here's what I'll do.  When I finish one of the fic recs or go to the author's website or LJ and read, I'll add a little "Nene says" thing after the fic.  That way you guys will be able to see how far I've gotten in the recs.  

Thanks for all my flist who helped me gather links and write summaries.  I really can't imagine anyone who has a better flist than me. 







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