Title:  He’s Got Leggs, Take Two

Author:  jasonsnene

Pairing:  Angel/Spike

Rating:  NC17

Warnings:  M/M, lingerie


[profile] carinas_carinae



[profile] zoesmith, who had a hankering to see more of Angel in lingerie, and who was mighty fond of my ficlet He's Got Leggs.  Incorporates my kink bingo prompt crossdressing (underwear/lingerie).








jasonsnene: (jasonsnene)
( Nov. 23rd, 2007 07:28 pm)
Title:  He's Got Leggs
author:  jasonsnene
Pairing:  Spike/Angel
Rating:  NC17 
Warnings:  m/m and panty hose. 

A/N:  Well, apparently when my pals [profile] vamptasticaand [profile] xanzpetget to talking, strange discussions take place that include panty hose and Margaret Cho.  Then stranger bunnies emerge and vamps has to challenge me to see if I can write said strange bunny.  What follows is my attempt....



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