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( Oct. 12th, 2007 09:16 am)
Title: Guardian Wolf III
Author: jasonsnene
Rating: NC17
Warnings: M/M
Pairing: Spike/Oz
Summary:  Oz heads out of town for a gig...and Spike decides to follow.
For "Spike Goes on Vacation Challenge" at [profile] nekid_spike

Previous Chapters (this was written to stand alone though)
Spike was brooding. And it was really pissing him off. He didn’t brood. That was the pouf’s job. Just because Oz was gone for the night at some out of town gig, here he was sitting at the crypt, staring at the walls, and pouting like he’d never spent a night alone in his one hundred plus years.
Title: The Guardian Wolf, Continued
Author: jasonsnene
Pairing: Spike/Oz
Rating: NC17

A/N:  This story is a continuation of my previous post for  [profile] takhen  found here:  Guardian Wolf.  Hope it's what you like...it certainly didn't go like I thought it would but I like how it turned out.

ETA:  On the advice of friends here at LJ, I have friend locked my fics due to content.  I'll be happy to friend anyone over age if you'd like to read.
Spike stared at the walls of his crypt, just like he’d been doing for the past hour. He wasn’t going to make it. After last month’s full moon craziness, Spike had promised himself he would stay in on this full moon.   Yep, stay in his crypt where no more stupid humans or sexy werewolves could get anywhere near him.
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( Sep. 22nd, 2007 04:33 pm)
Title: Guardian Wolf
Author: Jasonsnene
Pairing: Spike/Oz
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence
Banner by:  [profile] kargrif
A/N: For [profile] takhen  who wanted some Spike/Oz….this didn't go where I thought it would but I hope you like it anyway.



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