Due to the adult content and themes in my Live Journal, I have decided to limit the viewing of my posts to friends so that I can verify age.  I'm happy to add anyone of age.  Please be sure your age is listed in your Live Journal profile or list the year of birth in your comment.

Thank you for understanding.

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( Sep. 15th, 2007 04:30 am)
My first post to LiveJournal.  What to say?  Mostly, I'll admit that I have know nothing about this site except that there are alot of BTVS and ATS fanfic writers who use this site to post their fics.  That is what drew me to this site and I'll begin posting my own fics soon.  I'm still trying to get the lay of the land for now, adding friends and joining communiites.  

So far, it's great.  Lots of Spikey goodness around, like the beautiful icon I found above.  I lost the user name of the artist but will be going to find it later.  For some reason, LiveJournal causes my internet to go wonky.  This will be the third "Getting Started" message I've tried to write.  

We'll see if it works. 


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