Title: Soul Provider
Author: jasonsnene
Pairing: Angel/Willow
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence

The Bunny:
For [personal profile] velvetwhip:  
Pairing: Angel/Willow
Preferred Rating: R-NC-17 would be nice, but I will take any rating.
Summary of Bunny: I'd like to see something angsty...how about involving Willow managing to give Angel back his soul the first time she tried. Other than that, I am not going to be all picky and specific. 

A/N:  Written for the above bunny for the Angel's Bunny Challenge at [profile] strip_off_angel 

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( Sep. 22nd, 2007 04:33 pm)
Title: Guardian Wolf
Author: Jasonsnene
Pairing: Spike/Oz
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence
Banner by:  [profile] kargrif
A/N: For [profile] takhen  who wanted some Spike/Oz….this didn't go where I thought it would but I hope you like it anyway.



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