Just wanted to let you guys know that I posted some new challenges over at [livejournal.com profile] darker_xander !  If you aren't a member, Darker Xander is for the darker side of Xander.  He's aggressive, dominant and in charge!  Just the way we like him.  :D

Go check out the challenges and see if you get inspired. 

Guess what [profile] xanzpetand I did????? HEEEEE!!!!!

We started a new community! We could not believe that there was not a [profile] darker_xanderon LJ so we started one! Go us!!!

This community is for the dark side of Xander (Vamp!Xander, Hyena!Xander, Soldier!Xander, Dom!Xander). It's now open for business so go on over and check it out.   Join and tell your friends!  Go on, pimp us!  You know you want to!!

A Darker Xander 


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