Title:  Sparks (2/10)
Author:  Jasonsnene
Pairing:  Spike/Xander (descriptions of Spike/others, mentions of Xander/Angel)
Rating:  NC17
Warnings:  HAU, M/M
Betas:  aayesha_r and carinas_carinae
Summary:  Spike is a wealthy night club owner.  Alex is a dancer at the club.  Spike wants more.  Alex really doesn't.

Previous parts


Part 2:

Spike woke up and stretched, frowning when he didn’t find a warm body next to him to curl up against.   He knew he’d brought that new kid from Sparks home with him last night. Hadn’t he? Spike took note of his body, felt the tenderness in his hips and thighs that indicated that he’d used the muscles well the night before. 


So yeah, he’d brought the pet home and fucked him senseless. So where was he? Spike climbed from the bed, ignoring his nudity as he walked around his penthouse looking for what’s his name. Damn. He really needed to work on trying to remember their names. Giles looked up in surprise when he walked into the kitchen and immediately started fixing Spike a giant mug of coffee.


“Morning, Giles. Seen anyone around? Young thing? Dark hair? Nicest ass in the city?”


Giles handed Spike his coffee and frowned. “No, sir. I haven’t seen anyone since I arrived this morning.”


“Huh. That’s odd.” Spike took another gulp of coffee before he stumbled his way back into his bedroom. He climbed into bed and let his body relax once more into sleep. He dreamed of dark hair and a quirky smile. By the time he woke again, several hours later, he was hard and aching. 


Spike jerked off as he showered, imagining the kid from the night before. His memory had finally filled in a few blanks. It had taken him quite a while to convince…Alex! That was his name. Anyway, it had taken him quite a while to convince Alex to come home with him. So long, in fact, that he’d had almost the entire bottle of Jack while they were at the club. 


Alex hadn’t really had much to drink. He’d sipped at the glass Spike had poured him and just let Spike talk. The kid was actually a pretty good listener. Spike usually just got the conversation started, and then let them ramble on until they felt comfortable with him. Then he took them home and they fucked, and all was well.


Not Alex though. Alex had been the one to get him talking. The club was closing by the time Spike had convinced him to come back to his place. A few kisses and gropes in the booth worked wonders to prove his point though and soon Alex was leaving his Angel costume behind and letting Spike lead him out of the club.


Spike remembered now Oz’s warning and the strange look he’d gotten from his friend as they left the club. Oz looked irritated with him. In their nearly 20 years of friendship, Spike couldn’t ever remember Oz looking at him that way. He’d have to stop by later and see what that was about. And if he happened to run into a certain dark-haired dancer, it would be well worth the trip.


He let his mind drift back to the car ride home, or what he could remember of it. Alex had been shy, embarrassed about being too hot and heavy in the car. Spike remembered thinking it was hysterically funny that Alex was worried about what Riley thought. Hell, Riley had seen much, much more than the show Spike had given him that night. 


Spike had settled for just making out, even though he wanted nothing more than to whip out his cock and push Alex’s dark head into his lap. He’d been good though and waited until they were in his penthouse before letting his lust take over.   Little Alex had been like putty in his hands. 


He’d put up a token protest, saying he wanted to slow down. But by that point, Spike already had Alex’s pants down around his ankles. Spike dropped to his knees and started sucking. He looked up into those deep brown eyes, before pulling away and smirking, “Sure you want me to stop, pet?”


That always worked. Sure enough, Alex had grabbed his head and pushed him back to his cock. It wasn’t long before Spike had him bent over the back of his leather couch and was fucking him. He’d been so damn tight, and those little whimpers he made…Damn. Spike was getting hard again just remembering. 


He didn’t really remember much after that though. Which was disappointing. But it was better for Alex really because it made Spike determined to induct Alex into the exclusive “more than once” club. He would have him again. Hopefully tonight, and without the benefits of Jack so he would be sure to remember every little moan and whimper. 


His plan made, Spike returned to the kitchen where Giles had his lunch prepared and his schedule laid out on the counter. Spike glanced over it, seeing what he had to do that day before he could make his way back to Sparks and Alex. 


Spike sighed when he saw a dinner meeting with Wesley. Damn. His business manager was long winded. He’d be lucky if he made it to the club by midnight. As tempting as it was to postpone, Spike refused to think with his dick alone. He’d already had to reschedule a couple times because of the whole lawsuit nonsense. He knew Wesley needed to go over his investments with him. 


It didn’t really matter though. He’d just head to the club when he was finished and convince Oz to let Alex leave early. Then they’d have even longer to spend together. And Spike could make sure he didn’t wake up alone. He thought about waking up with that tight body next to his and imagined seeing Alex’s dark hair curled on his pillow. He’d really have to make Wesley talk fast. 


He made it through the afternoon, trying to limit his thoughts of Alex and the night to come, and by the time he made it to dinner with Wesley he was ready to get their business out of the way so he could get to the club. Wesley had several proposals for him and, as he suspected, it took several hours.


Wesley was another holdover of his Grandmum’s. She’d done business with Wesley’s father for years, and Spike had continued to use their firm. When he’d expressed the desire to have someone work with him in the States, Wesley’s father had sent him. Spike didn’t need to be told that he was relieved to be out from under his father’s thumb. He continued to make Spike richer, though, so he continued to have a job.


Once all the paperwork had been sorted and signed, Spike rose to leave. He invited Wesley to come along to Sparks and was not surprised when his offer was declined. Just as well. He didn’t want to have to worry about getting Wesley home when he had other plans for the evening. 


Graham was on duty tonight and was eyeing Spike curiously by the time they arrived at Sparks. Spike realized he was overly eager to see Alex and tried to tone his excitement down a notch. It was easier said than done. He was horny and wanted to grab Alex and get back to his place. 


As usual, Oz met him just inside the door and the look of irritation was there again before it was hidden away. They went up to his booth, and Spike waited for Oz to tell him what the problem was as he scanned the floor for Alex.


“He’s not here.”




“He’s not here. You can quit looking. He called in sick.”


Spike frowned. That was just hell on his plans. “So, what has you looking at me like I’m the devil personified?”


Oz just shook his head and looked away. Spike put his hand on Oz’s shoulder. “Hey, tell me what’s up. I don’t like it when there’s stuff between us.”


“Spike, you know I love you like a brother, man. We’ve been through some shit together. I’m just kinda pissed at you right now.”


“Why? What’d I do?”


“I asked you to go easy on him. He’s different. Not one of the sluts you normally take home to play with. And now he’s not here and I don’t like it.”


Spike was stunned. He really didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t exactly the apologizing type. “How about you give me his address, and I’ll go check on him? Make sure he’s really okay.”


Oz gave him that look, the one normally reserved for the idiots who started problems in the club. “I’m not giving you his address, Spike. If he wanted you to have it, he would have given it to you. No, you stay here and watch the club. I’m going to go check on him.”


Spike wasn’t impressed with the plan, but knew that when Oz had that look he couldn’t be moved. “Fine. But you better get your ass back here as quick as you can.” Oz gave him another look, one that told him right where he could shove it and left the booth. Spike scowled and let his eyes drift down to the lower level where everyone was dancing and having a good time.


He hated it when his plans were messed with. He wanted to be the one having a good time tonight, and now he was stuck here with no Alex and not exactly knowing what the hell the big deal was. There may also have been just a smidgen of guilt that he didn’t remember most of the night, but Spike pushed that aside.


Movement to his side drew Spike’s attention back to the club, and he saw Parker standing beside him. Graham was moving up to intervene, but Spike shook his head and Graham stepped back into the shadows. 


“Hey, Spike.”




“You look nice. You have a meeting with Wes?”


Spike looked down at his clothes, remembering for the first time that he hadn’t bothered to go home and change into more appropriate club wear after his dinner meeting. “Good guess, pet. How about you get me a drink?”


“Sure.” Spike grimaced when Parker beamed at him and scurried off to the bar. At least he’d have some distraction until Oz got back. Spike kept one eye trained on the dance floor below and watched for any bouncers needing his assistance. Everything was running smoothly, so he sat back and waited for Parker to get back with his Jack.


Parker slid into the booth with him and put the drink in his hand with another smile. Spike took a long drink and nearly choked when Parker’s hand reached into his lap and grabbed his cock. “Feels like you’ve got a big problem here, Spike. Let me help?”


Spike thought about just shoving him out of the booth, but he was fucking horny and his cock had been hard since the afternoon. He needed some relief, so he nodded and guided Parker’s head into his lap. He looked down and imagined for a minute that the dark head currently sucking him belonged to someone else, and he groaned in pleasure.


He really had missed that mouth. Parker swallowed him down and the pressure was so good. Spike took another drink and leaned back to give Parker better access. After a few moments, Spike was ready and grabbed Parker’s head and pushed his hips up, thrusting into the willing mouth until he felt himself start to come. Parker sucked it all in and swallowed repeatedly before licking him clean and zipping him back up.


“Thanks, pet. You’d better get back to work now before Oz bans me from coming back.”


Parker smiled. “Sure, Spike. See you later?”


Spike nodded absentmindedly and didn’t even notice when Parker left the booth. His eyes were trained on the door, where Oz had just returned to the club. He immediately headed for Spike’s booth, and Spike took another long drink when he saw the pissed off look on his friends face.


Oz collapsed into the booth and glared at the dance floor. Spike waited, but he wasn’t known for his patience any more than he was known for apologizing. “Well?”


“He’s fine.”


“Good to know. So what has you so pissed off?”






“It’s nothing. He’s just in a bit of trouble. I’ll handle it.”


“What kind of trouble?”


“Spike. I said I’d handle it.”


“I heard you. What kind of trouble?”


“It’s not my story to tell, Spike. Let it go.”


Oz could be stubborn as a damn mule sometimes. Problem was, so could Spike. “Goddammit, Oz, tell me what the fuck is going on right now. Fuck the fact that it isn’t your story. If the boy needs help, we’ll get it. Talk to me.”


The music was the only sound between them for a moment as they glared at each other. Finally, Oz spoke. “He lost his scholarship.”




“You heard me.”


“His scholarship for what?”


“College, you idiot. You know, that institution that you and I both failed to attend so we could party our asses off?”


“He’s in college?”


Oz glared. “Did you not even speak to him last night? Talk about the weather? You normally know more about your fucks than their own mother.”


Spike flushed and couldn’t believe that he actually could. Oz noticed. “Please tell me you bothered to find out his name.”


“Yeah, Alex.”


Oz shook his head. “You know, Spike, sometimes I really don’t like you very much. I’m going to check the bar. I’ll talk to you later.”


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