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Corrupting the Innocent for [profile] katrinatoc

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Title: Corrupting the Innocent

Author: jasonsnene

Pairing: Ethan/Xander

Rating: NC17

Warnings: M/M, first time, drug use, elements of non-con.

Beta: aayesha_r


A/N:  Written for the Twinkies for Xander challenge at[info]ultimate_xander


Pairing: Xander/Ethan

Preferred Rating: R/NC-17

Summary of Request: Chaos is drawn to Xander like a moth to the flames. How does he react to Ethan taking him in and getting him "prepped" for Janus' pleasure?


For[info]katrinatoc :




The funny thing about Chaos was that it liked to be in balance. Sure, Janus rejoiced when the masses were affected by spells or charms cast by his followers. But balance also required that individuals be influenced by the power of chaos. Neither requirement was an imposition to Ethan Rayne. He was a true worshiper of Chaos and knew just who he wanted to corrupt in honor of his master.


When the Slayer had taken the costume from his shop, she’d brought along a couple friends. Ethan couldn’t get the dark-haired boy from his mind. Something about his dark eyes drew Ethan to him, made Ethan want to bend him to his ways, fill those eyes with flashes of heat and arousal.


Ethan could sense the innate chaos swirling around the boy, so even though he knew Ripper would be out for his blood, he stayed. Finding the boy was easy; following him home was easier. A few simple words and an illusion was cast, drawing Xander back out into the night to rescue the damsel in distress.


The damsel, of course, was fake, but Xander didn’t know and once he’d staked the imaginary vampire, Ethan handed Xander a drink, just the damsel’s way of saying thanks, and Xander took a long pull from the bottle.


After that, Xander was foggy, his mind lulled by the drugs Ethan had given him. He’d followed when Ethan led the way back to his hideout, stripped out of his clothes when Ethan suggested it, and laid himself down on the couch over Ethan’s lap, just to get more comfortable.


It was so easy. This delectable boy was now spread out over him, his face right where Ethan had fantasized. One quick pull of his zipper and Xander’s mouth would be *right* there. This wasn’t about him, though, and he knew enough about Janus to keep his wits. His hands roamed, slowly guiding Xander further up onto Ethan’s lap. Ethan bemoaned the loss of Xander’s mouth so close to him, but needed greater access to prod gently between Xander’s ass cheeks and tickle his tight little hole.


Ethan knew no one had been there before, and oh, how he wanted to be the first. His finger dipped in, just to the first knuckle, and Xander moaned, the boy’s vocalization sending delicious chills up Ethan’s spine.


He continued his teasing, only pulling out to slip some lube on his finger. He hated to leave the evidence behind, but he couldn’t hurt the boy if this was to go as planned. Chaos wanted this one, and what Chaos wanted, Ethan provided. Xander spread his legs wider at the next touch, his body clenching around Ethan’s probing finger. Ethan went deeper, thrusting in and out, preparing the boy for sex that could not happen this night. 


It didn’t take long. The boy was new to these sensations and his body responded like Ethan expected. He came, spilling his seed on the anointed cloth Ethan had placed under him. 


Before the drugs could wear off, Ethan had Xander dressed and home again. The cloth was saved, placed on Janus’ altar. His master would have constant access to the boy now, able to provide Chaos whenever it was needed.


Yes, affecting the masses was a true fun for Ethan. But corrupting the innocent, well, that was unmeasurable joy. Perhaps on his next visit, he’d be allowed to corrupt him further.


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