Title: Memoirs of a Harem Boy (11/?)
Author: jasonsnene
Characters: Angelus, Wesley, Lindsey, Spike, Xander, Oz, Riley, Graham, Jonathan
Other characters: Darla, Cordelia, Gunn, Giles, Buffy, Willow, Warren, Andrew
Rating: NC17
Warnings: M/M, Multiple Partner Sex, Torture, Violence, Non-con, Character Death
Beta:  carinas_carinae and aayesha_r

Previous Chapters


Memoirs 11


There’s something about my Master that draws people to him. I’ve often tried to determine just what it is about him that is so truly amazing, but it is something unnamable, something that is unique just to him. Those of us who are fortunate enough to be among his chosen have experienced this and understand. Outsiders only see the death and destruction. What does that compare when you have the affection of one so powerful as Angelus?


One of the most powerful characteristics of my Master is the way he adores his chosen pets. I’ve seen his mercy when dealing with us, but those who hurt us are dealt with swiftly, and with such creativeness that it is spoken of in other tales like this one. The wolf, Oz, was awaking and had to pay the price for the injuries he caused to Xander. The question became whether the price was more than he had left.


Angelus heard the commotion from the main room of the warehouse and was there in a moment. He stormed towards the pillar where Oz was restrained, seeing that the wolf had finally regained full consciousness, and Angelus was prepared to demand retribution. The sight that greeted him, however, gave him pause.


Oz was curled into the restraints, his eyes glowing a strange yellow, and Angelus could see him fighting for control. Much of the skin on the boy’s body was bruised or bloody, and that was after the healing sleep that came after his transformation. It infuriated Angelus, even as he cheered that the wolf was in severe pain just as Xander had been before his claiming.


Riley and Graham were standing guard, their weapons drawn. Wesley and the others watched from the bus with trepidation as Oz began a low growl deep in his throat. Angelus marched forward, brushing past Riley and Graham and grabbing the wolf by the throat. “Cease.”


Oz’s eyes lowered and his head tilted to the side. His tremors subsided immediately and his body went limp. Angelus looked over his shoulder to the others. “Back away.” They all obeyed instantly, and he turned back to Oz and loosened his restraints. “Come.”


Without looking back, Angelus turned and headed for the exit. He knew Oz was following, and he kept walking, right out of the building and into the night. He reached the edge of the property and looked out. There, in the distance, he could see the beginnings of the woods. 


He heard Oz stop just a few feet behind him. It was do or die time. Knowing it would displease Xander for him to hurt the wolf further, Angelus decided to give the wolf his life, as a gift to his claimed. He wanted nothing more than to rip him to shreds, but there was the smallest part of him that understood the beast inside the boy. His demon would have gone insane, too, had it been subjected to those horrors.


Reaching his hand out behind him, Angelus waited until Oz tentatively placed his hand inside it. Then he took off running.   Oz stumbled for a moment, surprised by the action, then started running with him. It was the first time Angelus had run full out with someone other than his kind. Oz kept pace with him, remaining the few steps behind. When they reached the woods, Angelus dodged the trees and brush, taking them as deep as he could. 


He stopped just as suddenly as he’d started and turned to face Oz. The wolf immediately dropped to the ground at his feet, as if waiting death’s blow. He was breathing more heavily than he should have been, his hand glancing over his ribs, and Angelus knew he was hurting all the worse for his exertions.


“What to do with you, pup?”


Oz looked up, meeting Angelus’ eyes briefly in surprise, before quickly lowering them. “I-I know I don’t deserve it after what I did to Xander, but please, make it quick.”


Angelus reached down, his hands resting on either side of Oz’s head. It would be so easy, just one quick twist and the wolf would be dead. His fingers tightened, pulling at Oz’s hair. One twist. 


Instead he pulled Oz into him, pushing the boy’s face into his crotch then rubbing it around. No, he wouldn’t disappoint Xander. He would be merciful for his pet. It wasn’t mercy he was feeling towards this wounded pup. His injuries at the hands of the soldiers weren’t Angelus’ concern at all.


After a moment, Angelus released Oz from his grip and stepped back. “My scent should protect you for a short time. Go, before I forget what my pet would prefer your fate to be.”


Oz didn’t move, his face and body frozen in shock. Angelus walked away, back towards his pets, his fury towards the wolf only slightly diminished. He heard a low groan behind him, a whimper of pain that wasn’t physical. Looking back, he watched Oz curl into himself.


He paused, waited. “You know, it is a sign of power among my kind to have a wolf tethered at your feet.” The whimpering quieted. “It couldn’t be forced, though. Unlike the others, I cannot have a magical bond with one of your kind. A devoted pet, a guard dog of sorts, now that would be a true sign of my strength.”


Oz lifted his head, his wolf features becoming more pronounced. 


“You would have to prove yourself, of course, give yourself to me freely, and remain obedient. I could be inclined to keep you with me if that were the case.”


Oz moved shakily to his hands and knees, his head lowered, as he crawled after Angelus.


“Yes, a wolf companion. I like the sound of it. My own little puppy. It could be an interesting distraction.”


Oz reached his side, lowering his face to Angelus’ feet. “Could you do it, pup? I wonder, should I take the chance on you? It would greatly distress Xander if I kept you only to turn around and kill you for disappointing me.”




“Please, what, pup?”


“Please don’t leave me here alone.”


Angelus thought back, remembering the pleading look in Xander’s eyes when he’d had the chance to kill this wolf before. Yes, it would please his pet mightily to have this one around. And it would add to his reputation. It shouldn’t matter what the wolf wanted, didn’t matter. This was what he wanted. A wolf at his side, and a companion and guardian for his pets.


“You know what this will entail, don’t you, puppy?”


Oz nodded, looking up and meeting Angelus’ eyes fully for the first time. Angelus could see the hope there, and the fear, and it thrilled him. He held Oz’s eyes, even as the pup’s hands started stripping off his shirt. His pants were next, and Oz laid himself out on the leaves, spreading his legs. Their eyes finally broke contact when Oz turned his head to the side, baring his neck to Angelus and revealing the still unhealed bite mark he’d already received from the vampire.


The sight sent a shot of lust through Angelus and he quickly stripped off his own clothes and lowered himself over Oz. He pulled the pup’s legs up, held them high and wide. He could sense the fear in Oz, knew it was memories of his time held in the Initiative, but there was no hesitation despite his racing heartbeat.


Even though Oz wasn’t prepared and still surely had injuries, Angelus knew the animal in him wouldn’t allow this to be anything other than a true claiming. Hell, he wanted and needed a little violence in this as well. Still, it wouldn’t do to cause permanent damage.


Oz’s heart raced when he felt Angelus’ cock nudge his entrance. Angelus wasn’t exactly gentle, but he didn’t force his way inside. Oz stretched around him, the wolf grimacing at the intrusion, but finally stretching open to allow Angelus inside.


Hesitating, Angelus waited until Oz glanced his way questioningly before he started thrusting. Oz winced with each motion, but rose up to meet him,. He squeezed his hole tight, whimpering at the pain, but seeming to need to feel it as much as Angelus needed to cause it. 


They grunted together, Angelus pushing Oz’s legs back further as he covered the wolf with his own body. Oz finally relaxed, letting himself grow limp as he accepted again Angelus’ dominance over him. Angelus dove forward, sinking his fangs into the spot he’d already claimed on Oz’s neck.


The taste of the wolf’s powerful blood sent him over the edge, and Angelus shot his seed deep into Oz’s ass. He collapsed on top of Oz, inhaling the musky, earthy smell the wolf exuded. He smelled like clan now, like one of Angelus’ own. 


They rose together and dressed quietly. Making their way back to the warehouse, Angelus casually dropped an arm across Oz’s shoulders. Oz was limping slightly, but wasn’t cowering anymore. He could feel the newfound confidence coming from the wolf now that he had a pack of his own and an alpha who was strong enough to tame him.


This was going to work out very well. Very well indeed.



And so, my master did, in fact, exact a price from the wolf, but it ended up being one that he gladly paid. Things could have gone so differently, but my master is gracious and forgiving, not allowing Oz’s past mistakes to keep him from becoming one of us.  I must confess that Oz does show a partiality to Xander even to this day, protecting him above all others. The two are bonded in a way that no one else can understand, although their bonds would be tested before things were said and done. That, however, is a story for another day.


Blessed be.




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