Title: Memoirs of a Harem Boy (10/?)
Author: jasonsnene
Characters: Angelus, Wesley, Lindsey, Spike, Xander, Oz, Riley, Graham, Jonathan
Other characters: Darla, Cordelia, Gunn, Giles, Buffy, Willow, Warren, Andrew
Rating: NC17
Warnings: M/M, Multiple Partner Sex, Torture, Violence, Non-con, Character Death
Beta:  carinas_carinae and aayesha_r

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A/N:  Again, sorry for the long delay.  I'll make it up to you guys, I promise.  




Oh, we meet again.  I am enjoying this stroll down memory lane, however painful some of the memories are.  When we last parted, Master had healed Xander after his unfortunate incident with Oz the Wolf.  The wolf was still unconscious while his body healed after his treatment at the hands of the fiends known as the Initiative.  Our own Queen C had stepped in and offered her assistance in the care and treatment of his pets.  My benevolent Master even provided her with a credit card to procure clothing and supplies for us.  He is the epitome of Masterhood. 


But the pièce de résistance was the fact that Angelus was currently showing his wayward childe the error of his ways.  I was fortunate enough to regain consciousness for long enough to peer out the window and have the sole first hand account of the reclaiming.


“Oi!  Come on, Sire.  I didn’t do anything.”


“You’re right, you didn’t.  Yet.  I’m going to make sure you remember just who you belong to, boy.”  Angelus pulled Spike’s shirt down the front, tearing the material into shreds.  He reached for Spike’s jeans, but Spike moved quickly out of the way and pulled them off without ripping them to pieces.  Sure, it was a dangerous move, but jeans that fit this good were hard to come by.


Angelus growled at Spike’s small show of defiance and grabbed him by the back of the neck.  Spike grew still, and let his neck tilt slowly to the side.  Angelus jerked him backwards, pulling their bodies tightly together.  “You’ve forgotten your place, boy.  I’ve been lax in your training, haven’t I?”  His fingers traced down Spike’s chest and slid over his rapidly filling cock.


When Spike failed to answer, he curled his fist tightly around the flesh and squeezed.  Spike gasped in pain, but didn’t pull away.  “Yes, Sire.”


“That’s it, boy.  Remember your manners.  Let’s see what else you remember.”  Angelus pushed on Spike’s shoulder gently, and his childe spun around and gracefully dropped to his knees.  His fingers crept up to the fastening of Angelus’ pants, only to be slapped away with a growl.


Spike dropped his hands and clasped them together behind his back.  He leaned forward and used his mouth to tug open the clasp, then clenched the zipper between his teeth and slid it down.  Angelus’ cock fell out of the opening and landed against Spike’s face.  He turned his head and placed a chaste kiss on the tip before opening his mouth and sucking only the head inside.  Using lips and tongue, he teased and aroused, remembering all the lessons he’d learned as a young fledge at Angelus’ side.  He’d forgotten the enjoyment he got from hearing his Sire’s groans of pleasure above him, from feeling that cool, thick flesh fill his mouth and push down into his throat. 


Angelus closed his eyes and let his head fall back.  There was nothing quite like Spike at the cock.  He put his all into the task, nearly torturing with the intense pleasure his mouth could provide.  Angelus thrust forward, pushing that extra bit down Spike’s throat until he felt Spike’s mouth brushing through the hair at his groin.  He was in as far as he could get and then Spike swallowed.  Grabbing Spike’s head he started thrusting hard and fast, fucking that willing mouth with each powerful push of his hips.  Spike took it all, looking up at him with his eyes clear and blue, Angelus’ own debauched angel.  He was perfection.


Angelus slowed to a stop, slipping his cock from between Spike’s lips, and eased him to his feet.  Angelus ran his thumb across Spike’s lower lip, wanting to feel the roughened skin that had turned a bright red with his near abuse.  His face shifted, his fangs dropping and his eyes yellowing, even as he lowered his head and sucked that reddened lip into his mouth.  Spike moaned, his mouth falling open and his own face shifting, and then they were kissing, fangs slicing, blood dripping into each other’s mouths.


Angelus pulled Spike’s body tightly against him, thrusting his cock against Spike’s stomach and feeling an answering thrust below.  He lifted Spike up, shoving him harshly back against the wall, and Spike’s legs came up, wrapping around his waist as he positioned himself over his Sire’s cock.  One thrust and he was through that tight barrier, and Spike cried out in pain as his unprepared hole was stretched and filled.  Blood slicked the way for Angelus who held Spike by the shoulders against the wall, watching as he slid up and down the rough wall with each slam of his hips.


“Sire, please.”  Spike dropped his head to the side, and Angelus surged forward, burying his fangs just as deeply as he’d buried his cock.  He drank deeply, even as he felt Spike begin to come against him, even as he came himself.  He drank until Spike became part of him again and just when his childe’s eyes fluttered and started to close, he pulled his face into the crook of his neck. 




Spike’s fangs sank into Angelus’ neck delicately; he took mere swallows before he passed out and went limp in his Sire’s arms, reclaimed and reborn.  Angelus turned around and leaned against the wall, then lowered himself to the floor still cradling his childe’s limp form in his arms. He couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction, even as his own eyes drifted shut.


Angelus woke to find Spike still curled in his arms.  He kissed him gently on the forehead and lowered his body to the ground.  Once he’d straightened his own clothes, he took a moment to run his hand gently over Spike’s hair before he moved back toward the bus.


Riley!  Status!”


Riley stepped out of the bus and hurried to his Master’s side.  “Xander is resting comfortably but still has not regained consciousness.  Graham is with him.  Oz is beginning to stir.  Jonathan is awake and is looking over the schematics.  Wesley and Lindsey are researching the spell.”


“Excellent.  Any other issues?”


“No, Master.”


“Good.  Bring me Oz.”  Riley nodded and went back onto the bus, returning moments later with Oz over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry.  Angelus walked over to the pillar where they’d restrained Gunn and gestured for Riley to put Oz in position.  Angelus secured ropes around him, tying him at chest, waist and knees.  Then he stretched his wrists back around the post and tied them tightly against the pillar. 


When Oz was situated, Angelus turned back towards the bus.  Lindsey!”  He could hear Lindsey moving about and turned back to Riley.  “Keep an eye on the wolf.  Let me know when he wakes up and starts snarling.”  With a grin at his own vindictiveness, Angelus walked over to Lindsey, and they walked together towards the door.


His hand brushed over the curve of Lindsey’s ass then crept up over his lower back.  He slowly worked his way up to his neck and when Lindsey’s head fell back into his touch, he clenched it hard.  Lindsey gasped in pain, and his hands instinctively flew up to free himself.  Angelus moved closer, his mouth against Lindsey’s ear as he held the struggling form against him.  “Did I give you permission to look at the spell books, Lindsey?”


Lindsey stilled.  “No, Master.”


“Be very careful, Lindsey.  Very careful.  You really don’t want to make me mad. Is that clear?”


“Yes, Master.”


“Good.  Then I have a task for you.  I’m feeling…mischievous.  It’s an unusual feeling for me.  I think I’d like to cause a bit of trouble for Buffy and her wicked witch.  Do you think you can come up with something suitably distracting?”  He loosened his grip and allowed Lindsey’s eyes to come up to meet his.  He found an answering gleam in them.


“Oh, I’m sure I can come up with something.  Just how…mischievous…are you feeling?”


“Well, I’d like them out of our hair for a least a few days, but not long enough for there to be a serious uprising on the Hellmouth.  Xander would never forgive me.”


“I think I’ve got just the thing.  I’ll need a phone and someone to handle a couple errands.”


“Done.”  Angelus pulled him forward, and bit gently on Lindsey’s lips.  “You’ll make me proud yet, pet.”  Lindsey flexed his new hand against Angelus’ side and smiled.  “Now go.  The Krifgehn will assist you with whatever you need.”


He watched his pet go, smirking in satisfaction.  His plan really was coming completely together, even if there had been some mishaps along the way.  He boarded the bus and sent Wesley a smile since his pet was looking at him fearfully.  He’d have to have a discussion with Wes about not letting the others near the spell books, but that could wait for a bit.


First he wanted to know how the hell to get that damned chip out of his childe’s head.  The boy who’d gone into the Initiative with Spike was still lying on the bed, his wounded leg propped up with pillows.  The nervous little blond was next to him and they were pouring over the schematics on a laptop they’d acquired from…somewhere. 


He sat on the edge of the bed facing them and nearly chuckled when they looked at each other anxiously and each swallowed loudly.  “What are your names?” 


The brunet stammered out, “J..J…Jonathan, sir, um...M..M…Master?”


With a sigh, Angelus turned to the other.  “And you?”


Andrew, sir, oh my god, please don’t kill me.”


“Now Andrew, why would I kill you?”


“Well, um, because you can?”


“Good point.  However, I’m not going to kill you just yet, Andrew.  You’ve proven useful to me, as has your little friend here.  Now, what can you tell me about the chip?”


“Well, sir, um, Master sir…”  Jonathan looked nervously at the computer screen and Andrew hit his arm.


“You aren’t supposed to call him Master.  Only his pets call him Master.  God, Jonathan.  Get with the program.”


“How do you know we aren’t supposed to call him Master?  Has he said not to call him Master?  No.  Then…ow!”


Angelus ended the debate by grabbing them both by the hair on the back of their heads and pulling them towards him.  “You may call me Master unless I direct otherwise.  Now, stop this useless chatter and tell me what I need to know.”


Jonathan sent a smug grin to Andrew before turning back to the screen.  “Well, Master, we should be able to get it out.  It’ll take a combination of magic and medicine, but between Andrew and I…oh, and Warren, I suppose…we should be able to get it out.  It’ll be painful though, and, um there really aren’t any guarantees, but you know we’ll do our absolute best, and I can’t think of any other way.  Maybe if we had more time….ow!”


Angelus squeezed his fist and felt a few hairs pull from the back of Jonathan’s head.  He turned to Andrew.  “And what about you?  What do you think?”


“Um, Master, he’s right.  But I think the chances are good.  I haven’t made a study of vampire physiology, but you appear to heal really well.  As long as we have a proper blood supply handy, not that I’m volunteering or anything, but as long as he has plenty of blood directly after the procedure, he should heal quickly.  That’s the way it works, right?  You heal quickly when you have fresh blood, and oh my god, why am I reminding you of this…ow!”


With a sigh, Angelus squeezed the back of Andrew’s head, effectively shutting him up.  “I’ll make sure my childe has all the blood he needs.”  Angelus looked over at the still bound and gagged third member of this trio.  “Do we really need him?  He annoys me.”


Jonathan and Andrew shared a quick look.  “Well…technically….”


Andrew whimpered, “I suppose not really.”


Angelus smiled at them both.  “Good.  Now go over the plans again.  I want you to triple check, and then check again.  Make sure there are no surprises.  And if you find something of concern, tell me immediately.  Understood?”


“Yes, Master.”  They quickly turned back to the computer and started clicking away.  Angelus stood, turning away from the bed and surveying the others.  Soon, he would have his childe back at full strength. 


Oh, my Master put so much faith in me that day.  It was stupendous really.  He trusted me with that which he holds most dear.  I was pleased beyond measure and actually pretty much terrified as well.  What if it didn’t work?  What if the chip couldn’t be removed or his childe was permanently damaged?  It was a well-placed fear.


Unfortunately, his childe’s affliction wasn’t the only dilemma facing our Master.  The wolf was waking….


Until next time.










From: [identity profile] ladyvirgo1956.livejournal.com

I am so glad to see another installment of this story. What is gping to happen to Warren and Oz. What type of plans do you have in store for Buffy and Willow. What will Lindsey be doing to them to keep them busy. Please update soon.

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Thanks so much honey! I'm slow as molasses these days, but I'm still working on it! Lots to come with Oz in the next chapter! As for the rest, you'lljust have to wait and see. *g*

From: [identity profile] spiceblueeyes.livejournal.com

Eeee! I thought I'd never see more of this story. I love the way you're structuring it!

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Thanks sweetie! I'm working on it, slowly but surely. If my evil plan works, you'll be seeing more of this very soon!

From: [identity profile] mendenbar01.livejournal.com

Oh mightyn Kinkstress of fanfic, I have a cat and she is currently obscurig mykeyboardn and alaying over one hand; (I refust to keeop correcting this as I wouod never get anything typed).

At lst, Walsh has gotten what she sederved! Ad Spike is reunited nwit hisn s8re.\\

I have faith theayt you on't make us wait foreverrrrrr for the nects instqllment. I need to know that tXander is okay and that Oze will be refeemed . I know he never ment to hurt dxanasder. Okay, I qauit!Q There is not waity to do this withthis damned cat. Angelus needs a cat. It will hwklp hem learn ot deal with Coredieala. (I wonpdt give hre a credita card if wm y life dewepmended on it.)


From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

ROFLMAO! Oh you make me laugh so hard! I do adore you! And your cat! I was thinking of you the entire time I was writing, knowing how happy you'd be to see more! I know, not Corvinus, but hey, at least it's something, right? *g*

And yes, I probably wouldn't trust her with my credit card either, but hey, he's Angelus. :D

From: [identity profile] mendenbar01.livejournal.com

Cats are fortunately asleep upstairs so perhaps this will be more legible.

Credit cards and Cordelia are like cats and catnip in cream. The results can be interesting or disasterous!

Of course, after all this time, I would suspect that Angelus (who was much more willing to make use of his ill gotten gains than Angel) has some little, reasonably immortal clerk somewhere making investments and paying bills and keeping the credit cards paid up. Bet he's gonna get a shock when this bill comes in!

And as for Corvinus and knowing not, I know knot either but I can tie several fun ones (knot tying was one of those little skills I used to teach). If you do, you do, if you don't, you don't, but thank you for Harem.


From: [identity profile] edenskye.livejournal.com


More Harem Boy. Fabulous work sweetie.

I am loving this story. Can't wait for more.

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Thanks so much honey! I'm so glad you liked it! *g* If all goes to plan, there'll be more soon. I'm trying! I promise!!
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From: [identity profile] yanagi-wa.livejournal.com

So happy to see this. I was wondering when you'd post again. Great chapter. And, what's going to happen to Warren? Hope Spike doesn't eat him, he'll probably get sick. *g*.

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Thanks honey! Yeah, I'm slow as molasses these days, but I'm trying to get better. RL just gets in the way sometimes! There's definitely a big evil plan for dear Warren. *eg*
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From: [identity profile] yanagi-wa.livejournal.com

I heard that you were having some problems. Sorry to hear that and I hope things are better, or at least getting that way. *hugs*

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Things are better, just crazy insane busy. I'm hoping I've got a better schedule for myself now that will allow time for writing. It worked today, so let's see how tomorrow goes. *g*

From: [identity profile] of-too-minds.livejournal.com

I'm so glad to see an update to this story. I thought maybe you'd abandoned it.

The reunion between Angelus and Spike was hot and sexy. Loved it!

I'm so glad Angelus is working on a plan to free Spike from the hcip. Pretty please can Angelus feed Warren to Spike? He annoys me. Plus that way he'd actually be useful for a change! ;)

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Nope, not abandoned. Just a slow updater these days. Darn real life and it's interference! Hopefully things will be better now and I can get this story finished up. That's the big evil plan anyway.

Glad you liked this chapter...and don't worry, I've got plans for Warren. *g*

From: [identity profile] killedkelly.livejournal.com



Sorry, couldn't resist. :) Another grate chapter. If I was sitting on a seat I'd be sitting at the very edge and gripping the front with a white-knuckled grip waiting for the next chapter.

Actually...that's not a bad idea.

Please, write and save my knuckles...and sate my thirst for the very hotness of this fic! XD

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

I LIVE! Or something like that. LOL. RL has been kicking my butt! But I'm definitely still here and hoping to update more frequently. That's the big evil plan anyway!

I'm working on a plan to get this one finished up in a more timely basis. So hopefully your knuckles won't have too much damage! *g*

From: [identity profile] snogged.livejournal.com


I'm so excited to see more Harem Boy :)

Does this mean RL is giving you a few breaks?

From: [identity profile] purpledodah.livejournal.com

I just loved the Spike and Angel bit. And Andrew is bloody wonderful. *dashing off to read the OZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ bit*

From: [identity profile] lil-coyote.livejournal.com

Good to see a new chapter! (Pardon me while I catch up the past couple weeks.) He certainly has his hands full. The geek-chatter had me chuckling.


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