Just checking in 'cause I haven't been around much lately.  *g*  We've been doing some remodeling (kitchen and dining room).

I'm still doing some writing, and have two more pieces that I'll be posting by the end of the month. 

From: [identity profile] edenskye.livejournal.com

You've been missed.

Please please tell me you have more Harem Boy. I've been going through withdrawals waiting.

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

I did some plotting on Harem boy today. I was stuck, but I've been unstucked. :P
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From: [identity profile] mistress-tien.livejournal.com

Hey there!

I'm always happy to hear from you! You know where to find me when you need me.


From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Thanks honey! Don't you worry, I always track you down when there's work to be done! *g*

From: [identity profile] ash-carpenter.livejournal.com

Hey honey! Nice of you to do a fly by! *grabs you and squishes you before you disappear again*

Just so you know, if you get a minute, I wrote Spander! GAH! You should read it if you get chance, 'cause I won't be doing it again in a hurry... ;-)

Hee hee...


From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Honey! HI! Missed you bunches! Yeah, I read your Spander...and I LIKED IT. I LIKED IT ALOT! Hee! You should write it again...hmm...maybe I can challenge you....*eg*

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Hey! Remodeling is going great!! The house looks awesome and I did NOTHING today! w00t! I'm going to be hitting you up for a favor here momentarily...brace yourself. *g*

From: [identity profile] wildannuette.livejournal.com

Mmmm chillaxing is good! :) Cool, I'm aways up for favors *g*

From: [identity profile] angelstoy.livejournal.com

*wave back* missed you so much girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to reading your writing!!!!!!!!

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Sweetheart! Hi!!!! Gah, I've been drooling over your artwork for Rockstar and keep forgetting to go track down your journal and tell you how awesome you are! Her journal header is beautiful and the banners for Arrangement are PERFECT! *hugs you tight and drools all over you*

From: [identity profile] mendenbar01.livejournal.com

Wish I could remodel mine but there you go, I don't/can't write either.

From: [identity profile] jasonsnene.livejournal.com

Well, we just painted, and I bet you could do that much! *g* You may not be a writer, but your an excellent commenter and that, to me, is even better! *hugs you tight*

From: [identity profile] mendenbar01.livejournal.com

(snuggles in return)(You ought to hug my 17 yo. Wonderful hugs, (6'3", 220 and muscular - baseball player) he's right there in the moment with you and has no place he would rather be. Don 't know who or if he will ever become romantically involved with but they will be so lucky.)

As for painting, I am an artist and the last thing I want to do is roll paint on a wall. That's what husbands and children are for - unless I am doing a mural for someone.

Still, hubby builds furniture for me and my daughter so I can't complain too much. We are in the planning stage of moving my studio, workshop, sewing room, computer/office upstairs into daughter's old bedroom. This will be major construction as he intends to make everything built in. I drew up the rough plans and he is in the process or measuring and making detailed drawings. Sadly, daughter has sent request for a couple more bookcases and chairs which if things go as usual he will make first. You outta see her apartment!


From: [identity profile] seductivembrace.livejournal.com

Welcome back. *grin*

Oh, I finished your story, it's sitting w/ my beta right now. ^_~ I can't believe you got me to write Xander/Giles. *facepalm*

From: [identity profile] lil-coyote.livejournal.com

Good to hear you're still kickin', even if it took a while to say so thanks to little demons rampaging in my stomach. =p

edit: ack, wrong holiday icon. heh.


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