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Where Abundance Lies for [personal profile] snogged

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Title: Where Abundance Lies

Author: jasonsnene

Pairing: Angelus/Willow/Xander

Warnings: m/m, m/f, torture, violence, non-con, character death

Beta: [info]carinas_carinae  and[info]aayesha_r

 Summary: Angelus captures Buffy’s sidekicks and has special plans for them.


Written for[info]snogged , who asked me for some Angelus and some begging. 




It was fun watching Buffy’s little boy-toy’s body swing to and fro with each punch to his body. It was more fun to hear his little whimpers of pain; oh, Angelus lived for those little whimpers. They gave him pleasure like little else did these days.


He sent another volley of blows Xander’s way, laughing as the boy tried to twist his body away. With a laugh that made Xander shiver in fear more than any of the blows, Angelus moved to the boy’s side and ran his fingers gently across the bruises and welts he’d made.


“Had enough yet, boy?”


Xander raised his bleary-eyed head and glared. Angelus was surprised he didn’t try to spit on him. Of course, the fact that he would have his teeth ripped out if he did probably kept the boy’s saliva right where it was meant to be.


Gripping the boy’s nipple between his fingers, Angelus rolled it tightly, squeezing harder, then harder yet, just to hear that little whimper again. This time, it came from behind him. Ahh, the girl had opened her eyes again. She did that when the thuds stopped.


If he’d been in a particularly cruel mood, Angelus would have taped her eyes open and forced her to watch him torture her friend. He was feeling a bit kind, though, and didn’t. More than anyone, Angelus knew that sometimes the imagined tortures were just as horrifying as the actuality.


When Willow realized she’d drawn his attention, she quickly looked away. It was too easy, really. These people, not much more than children, expected to defeat a vampire of his caliber? It was a joke. And little Buffy, with her smart mouth and broken heart, was definitely not a threat. Slayer or not, she wasn’t capable of stopping him. She’d certainly try though. Especially when she saw what was left of her friends when he finished with them.


With a sigh, Angelus realized he’d grown bored with this game. They weren’t crying or begging anymore. He needed that just as much as he needed the little whimpers. Running his hands over Xander’s wounds again, he leaned up and licked a trail across the boy’s cheek, making sure to catch the stray drops of blood that had splattered from his split lip.


Xander didn’t make a sound; God, he was almost impressed. The boy had balls, that was for sure. He wanted to protect the little woman, keep her from seeing anything he didn’t want her to see. With a snicker, Angelus reached for the fastening of the boy’s pants. 


Yep, that got a reaction. Xander started struggling again, but all he needed was to yank them down to mid thigh. Angelus glanced over his shoulder again. Damn, the little girl still wasn’t watching. Maybe he should get the tape after all, or he could just rip her eyelids off and save himself the effort.


Angelus stepped to the side, moving Xander slightly in front of him. He watched the girl while he dragged his zipper slowly down with a groan. That got her attention; her eyes popped open and she stared at him with horror.


He smiled at her and ran his hand slowly across Xander’s battered torso. Willow’s eyes filled with tears and he tried not to laugh. “What’s the matter, Willow? You’ve watched this long. Are you not up for watching Round 2?”


Xander struggled against him, straining against the chains that held his arms secure. “Willow, don’t look. Just turn away.”


She was crying harder then, and Angelus stepped away from Xander and eyed her speculatively. “You know, there is a way…”


The boy screamed and kicked at him. Now this was entertainment. “Willow, NO! Ignore him.”


“Well, if your little friend doesn’t want to help you…”


“No, I do. Please don’t hurt him.” Her voice was barely more than a whisper, but he heard it as clearly as a shout.


“Wills, no!”


“Wh…what do you want me to do?”


Angelus looked her up and down then returned his gaze to Xander. He ran his hand down Xander’s back and over his exposed ass. Xander tensed, but tried not to flinch away. “Well, you could make me not want to fuck this little virgin hole over here. I could really hurt him, you know. Wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we?”


“No. Please, Angelus.” Her voice got stronger and stronger. It was amazing the lengths they’d go to protect each other.




Angelus slapped Xander again, harder than he probably should have as he might have cracked the boy’s cheek bone. Oh well, it would perhaps help him keep his damn mouth shut. 


Turning back to Willow, Angelus slowly crossed the bedroom to her, even as Xander tried to plead through his swollen mouth. His focus was on her now, all on her, watching her eyes fill with fear as he approached, hearing her heartbeat speed up, faster, and faster, the closer he came.


With a little growl, he pulled her arms free from the bonds that had kept her restrained and pulled her to her feet. She immediately started rubbing her wrists, refusing to look at him. That was okay, he really didn’t need to see her eyes anyway. With a sigh, he sat back in the chair, his exposed cock leaning out towards her.


He stroked it slowly, watching her try not to look. Angelus knew he was impossible to ignore for long, and sure enough, she glanced up and saw what he was doing. She gasped, whether in shock or horror, he wasn’t quite sure. Hell, it could have even been in pleasure. He certainly had nothing to be ashamed of. There was a reason Darla had picked him out of all the men she’d come across to spend eternity with her.


Willow looked down quickly, then turned to glance over her shoulder at her friend’s bloody and bruised form. Xander was struggling, crying out to her, but she was ignoring him just as much as Angelus was. 


“Come now, little one. Either you ride me, or I ride him. It’s a simple enough choice.”


She spared Xander one more quick glance before she met Angelus’ eyes head on. “I ride you.”


He was shocked as hell; they were both truly amazing creatures. He understood more and more why the Slayer had them by her side. Reaching for her, Angelus spun her around and lifted her skirt all in one motion. She wore the sweetest little panties, the palest of pinks, and instead of ripping them off like he wanted, he drew them slowly down her legs.


She let him, lifting one foot, then the other, when they reached the bottom. He tossed them aside, making sure they landed at the boy’s feet. Her back was to him, and he knew that their eyes were locked on each other. Xander was still begging her to stop, begging him to stop, but neither of them would and he knew it.


Willow spread her legs, taking one step back to straddle him, then lowered herself. Angelus held his cock up, aiming it right for her core, and she only hesitated briefly as she felt his flesh brush hers.


Damn. She was dry. He hadn’t thought about that, hadn’t really cared, but if he wanted to give the boy a good show, she’d actually have to be capable of giving him a good ride. Angelus spat in his hand, then drew the wetness over the tip of his cock. His fingers brushed the soft flesh of her pussy, dipping inside ever so slightly as he adjusted himself. 


Then she pushed down, as if it were now or never. He gasped in pleasure; she gasped in pain. Angelus held her hips tightly while he savored her heat before he lifted, then lowered her again. 


Xander was crying softly now, and Angelus loved watching him. Her red hair slid across her back, his dark hair slid across his forehead. God, they were beautiful, and brave, and strong. He had to have them, and not just for the pleasure of dumping their mutilated bodies on the Slayer’s lawn.


No, he wanted them for his own. She could be his next Princess; he could be his next wild childe. Together, they would be unstoppable. Angelus knew it in that moment, and when he next met Xander’s eyes, he changed faces and laughed at the horror when reality hit the boy’s eyes.


He screamed again, just as Angelus buried his fangs in her neck. She screamed, too, calling the boy’s name, begging him to save her. And, oh, did he try. Angelus could smell the fresh blood as the boy jerked at the restraints, nearly jerking his arms out of socket as he fought.


It didn’t take long, just a few moments, really. Her body grew limp in his arms and he leaned her head back. Angelus bit his tongue, then slid the bloody muscle into her mouth. She suckled only briefly, her heart and breath both sputtering to a halt.


Angelus heard a crack, and another scream. The boy had broken something trying to free himself. He’d have to make sure to fix it while Xander was dead. It wouldn’t do to have him broken when he awoke.


He lifted her carefully, laying her down on his bed just as gently, then turned to the sobbing boy beside him. “Next.”


Xander didn’t even try to fight it when Angelus pulled his legs apart and stepped behind him. He didn’t even scream when his ass was torn apart by Angelus’ cock. Oh, but when he felt the fangs, oh, he fought then. His neck was a bloody ruin by the time Angelus had gotten enough out of him, and when he tried to press his tongue to Xander’s mouth, the boy mustered just enough energy to turn his head away.


One last act of defiance. It was beautiful to see. Not that it mattered, as Xander was too weak to fight him when he turned his head back and forced his mouth open. This time, he didn’t fight it; he almost eagerly sucked at the blood he was offered. It was then that Angelus realized that the boy’s eyes were locked on her.


They were going to be so perfect, his newest creations. And when they rose, they would worship him, just as Spike and Drusilla had once done. This time, though, he would make sure it was forever.




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